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Saturday, July 21, 2012

July todo: change out the pheremone traps and pheremones

Pheremone sticky trap (sticky part is removable on the bottom)
with an orange rubber thing that is impregnated with the
synthetic pheremone. These must be changed regularly.
Change pheremone sticky traps and replace the pheromones. Are you plagued by wormy apples, wormy pears, wormy peaches or nectarines, or wormy apricots? You may have codling moth in appes and pears and peach twig borer in your stone fruits.
        Pheremone traps are sticky traps that attract specific problem insects through releasing of sex hormones produced in a laboratory to mimic the opposite sex and then trapping them with a sticky surface that can be replaced.

        To control these insects you will most likely need to spray pesticide. Don't be too alarmed because the pesticides you can use are listed for organic production. The most common ones used include Bt (Bacillus thuriengensis; aka Dipel or Thuricide).
        The other chemical you can use is Spinosad. Spinosad is rougher on beneficial insects that Bt. You would spray just a couple of days when you get LOTS of these insects (the adults of these insects are small moths about 1/2 inch long. The larva or immature is the worm that gets into the fruit.

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