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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reader Had No Luck Using Spinosad and Soap and Water on Leafhoppers on Grapes

My picture of grape leaf with leafhopper poopoo
(the black specks)
This came in from a reader regarding his lack of luck using Spinosad or soap and water sprays for leafhopper control in grapes.

I want to share my experience using the diluted spray of a wettable clay compound to prevent leaf hopper damage to our grapevines. Last year our grapevines were greatly infested with leaf-hoppers. Repeated applications of insecticidal soap and spinosad could not make a dent in the insect damage.

This year, we began early, when there were about 10 leaves on each arm of the vine, trying a natural wettable clay powder called Surround, that leaves a white coating of clay on wherever sprayed. We flocked the leaves both sides as best we could in a manner reminiscent of Christmas tree flocking, and left a white residue on both sides of the leaves that was intended to make leaf hoppers unable to damage the leaves through the clay barrier. The reapplication of spray becomes more difficult as the season proceeds and requires a definite commitment of the gardener to persist.

Surround application to pear, turns the
foliage white from the clay
We can now say that for all our efforts, leaf hopper damage is much the same as last year. But there are two positives. First, the grape skeletonizer eggs don’t have a chance as they are dead abornin’. Second, the birds who are inclined to peck every last one of our figs, do not peck the whitened figs. So at last we can have some tree-ripened fruit.
Thanks Harrison. I would like to post your observations. On the other hand I have had luck with Spinosad on leafhoppers on grapes for several years in a row. It does not totally wipe them out but it did reduce the numbers considerably over previous years. And we never really saw damage to the berries themselves with the leafhoppers they were just a nuisance.
As far as Surround goes I have used it at the orchard for a couple of years to reduce sunburn on apples and never really got it to work well and it was a pain to apply so gave up with about half of a 50 lb bag left.

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