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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Utah Sweet Pomegranate Good For Our Area But Be Patient

Utah Sweet Pomegranate
photo courtesy Joe Real
and Ed Valdivia
Q. I have, as you suggested, a Utah Sweet pomegranate in Henderson, Nevada.  The bush is dropping all of its blossoms and if this continues I will get no fruit from it this year.  Any suggestions as to how I can help it retain its blossoms and fruit?

A. Make sure you use a surface mulch and watch your watering. Make sure it is watered deeply but not too often and even more importantly the soil does not go dry between waterings. May 1 you should be irrigating deeply twice a week.
            If this is a small plant (five gallon) then five to ten gallons of water at each watering is plenty. Depending on the variety, some pomegranates will set fruit when they are young and others are slower to set fruit. There is a definite difference among varieties in how young they start setting fruit. One of the earliest to set fruit is Sharps Velvet, also a good variety for our area. Stay calm and patient. This is an excellent variety for here.

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