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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Early Mid and Late Peaches for Season Long Production

Q. I live in the Mesquite area (1800 ft elevation) and was looking to plant 3 differant varieties of peach's that would not ripen all at the same time. Would also appreciate some advice on when to plant them and where I might obtain them should you recommend bare roots.

The eye-popping visual of Indian Free peach. Flavor is
incredible as well when it is grown in the desert.
A. It is hard to predict which peach trees will be available for you to purchase to help you plan. I can make recommendations but these trees may or may not be available.

Off of the top of my head, I would probably pick a yellow peach, a white peach for sure. Something like May Pride, Babcock and Indian Free. If you look at my downloadable recommended variety list it will tell you which are early, mid and late peaches.

You can also look at varieties posted on Dave Wilson Nursery at

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  1. Check out Dave Wilson's harvest date chart and subtract two weeks from it for southern Nevada. My backyard is no comparison to the UNR orchard, but of 16 trees is has been very accurate.