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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vine in Lawn Turns Out To Be Bermudagrass

Q. I found this vine growing in my lawn and sent you pictures of it.  I tried treating it with Ortho's Weed Be Gone.  As of this morning I still have the vine.  Do you have any idea what it may be and how I can treat it or get rid of it?
Vine in lawn appears to be bermudagrass
or Devil grass.

A. From the look of this "vine", it appears to be bermudagrass. Some old timers call it Devil grass mostly because it is the devil to get rid of. Once it is in a lawn, it is tough to nearly impossible to get rid of.

            It is easier to get rid of if it is in a shrub bed. Then you can cut it back to a foot long (as long as it has leaves) and "spot spray" what’s left with Roundup. Other products that have reasonable success at some control include Poast and Fusilade which can be used fairly safely among shrubs and groundcovers.

            Bermudagrass gets in a lawn usually if the lawn begins to "thin" or lose its density. This is because it is not kept full and dense. This can be because it is not fertilized regularly, mowed too short or an insect or disease problem.

            Mowing too short can occur by lowering your mower too close to the ground or by using a line trimmer and whacking the grass low around sprinkler heads or along the edge of the lawn to make it look pretty.

            The best defense is a good offense. Keep the lawn at 2 to 2 1/2 inches if it is fescue. Keep it fertilized regularly. If patches of the lawn die, do not disturb the dead area and/or reseed or resod until mid to late September when bermudagrass is going to sleep.

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