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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Figs and Pomegranates a Great Combination to Grow

Q. I have some Eversweet, Utah, and Wonderful pomegranates plus some unknowns, and was wondering what other types might do well in this area. Also have a Turkey, Kadota, and Mission fig, and was wondering the same for them. I recently saw a Blackjack fig in a local nursery but thought it may be another name for one I already have.
Crop of Wonderful pomegranates with proper pruning
watering and fertilizer

A. You have three of the best pomegranates out there available to homeowners. One that has come into alot of favor in the past few years is Parfianka and has outstanding quality. Like Utah Sweet, it has an edible seed that is quite small for a pomegranate. Some others that I have liked include Sharp Velvet, Red Silk and Granada.

            Black Jack fig is a good fig. I am not aware of a “bad” fig for our desert environment. All that you mention are good. I would also include on that list Janice, a “seedless” kadota type and Desert King or sometimes just called King.

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