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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lemon Tree in Container with Yellow Leaves

Q. I have a small lemon tree growing in a large container. I now have many small lemons on it which seem to be getting larger. My problem is that the leaves are a sickly, yellow color. I fertilized it in late February with a fertilizer labeled for citrus. It looks like it needs some iron and/or more fertilizer. What is best to apply now that will not cause the little lemons to fall off, or is it best to wait before applying anything?

One pound canniser of EDDHA
chelated iron
A. Go to plant world nursery and get a 1 pound canister of EDDHA iron chelate. These chelate's are expensive but this 1 pound canister is not badly priced. Follow the label recommendations and apply it to the base of the tree and water it in to the soil.

            Next year apply this chelate to the soil in January or February just before new growth begins. This chelate should help green things up. Leaves that are already yellow may still stay somewhat yellow but the new growth coming out in the next month should be green.

            Make sure you check the soil moisture and do not irrigate if the soil is still wet. The soil should not completely dry out but should be damp and not wet. You can try one of those inexpensive soil moisture meters they use for houseplants and see if that helps you to judge the soil moisture before you irrigate. I hope this helps.

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