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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keep the Birds Out of Ornamental Grape Vines by Removing Flower Clusters

Q. I bought a house last December that has two large grape vines growing over a pergola that covers a hot tub. Last summer when the vines were producing grapes, the birds were unbearable. I know I could cover the whole thing to keep the birds out but it would ruin the aesthetic and make access to the hot tub difficult. Is there something I can to keep the beauty of the vine without it producing any grapes?
This is a grape spur that has been pruned for producing good quality grapes. The top stem is reddish brown. At
the base of the reddish growth is greyish-brown. The reddish brown growth will produce grapes because it grew
last year. The greyish brown growth is older and will ot produce grapes. If all the reddish brown growth is removed
from the vine, the vine will not produce any fruit
A. Yes you can. It is a fairly easy solution. In the winter months prune out all the new growth. You can see it because it is a different color than the greyer oldish growth. Grapes only flower on the wood that grew last year.

            Or it should be flowering now or very soon (late March). As you see these flower clusters on the vine, pull them off.

These are unopened flowers of grape. They come around late March to early April in southern Nevada. The come
from the reddish wood produced last year. Either remove all the reddish wood during the winter or early spring or
wait until these flowers come out and remove these clusters. They snap off easily so you could probably knock them
off with a broom if you don't want fruit

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