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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Avocado Not a Good Choice for Las Vegas

Q. I saw an Avocado potted tree at Lowe's hardware and was thinking of planting one in my back yard. My question is: When is the best time to plant this tree? Is fall okay? I'm thinking of the winter freeze that might occur. I hope I hear from you soon, in case they sell them out.

A. Remember that avocados are very iffy here in the Las Vegas Valley. It will freeze back so keep it against a hot South or West wall, trellis it near a warm winter wall and keep it draped with some sort of sheet or crop cover at nights when you think it might freeze.
            Pick a variety that is more cold-hardy if you can find one. Anyway you cut it, it will be an experiment so get ready for the possibility of losing it. You can plant it this fall but protect it this winter and in succeeding winters.

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  1. A source for cold hardy avocados:
    I will tell you they are not an easy tree to grow and fruit in Phoenix, AZ. Also, they need a cross pollinator to produce, even self fertile have noticeably more fruits and large fruits with cross pollination. A and B flower type. They allso lack sunurn protection on their bark so protect until their canopy can protect. You have reading to do.