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Monday, November 18, 2013

France Overtakes UK, Canada and Australia for Number 2 Blog Spot

Readers of Xtremehorticulture of the Desert Blog are in the thousands all over the world. The Blog was designed specifically to address questions regarding desert horticulture or how to work with domesticated plants in arid and desert environments.

My Blog has always had a strong readership from Australia and understandably because of its arid and desert climates in much of the country. Desert horticulture is a unique type of horticulture and it takes awhile to adjust and learn it if you are from wetter parts of the world. The climate, soils, plants all are very different from "normal" horticulture and gardening. So it makes sense that readers from the Middle East, Central Asia and other hot dry places read Xtremehorticulture.

But why France? It surprises me that France has taken over the number 2 spot in readership of Xtremehorticulture for the day, week,  month and even of all time over the likes of all the others. I don't understand it but ...Vive la France!

1 comment:

  1. Face it BOB, You are loved all over the world! So much of your information applies to many of our micro-climates and we need really practical and hands on, good advise. Even when you mention commercial products we know that it is because you have tested them in application form somewhere along the line over the years and that you do not promote something that will not or has not proven to work. Thanks for the good advise and educational information.