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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Philippines Tragedy

Some of my subscribers know that I have a family farm in the Philippines. The typhoon passed to our south and we avoided major damage. Those to our south did not. We are in the process of aiding and doing what we can to help our neighbors. We will not know the extent of this tragedy for awhile, that is the way it is in the Philippines. Right now power can be "iffy" for awhile.

Filipinos are resilient people and face tragedy on a recurring basis. The Philippine Islands receives 20 typhoons each year and most people are not aware of every typhoon but this one was different. Just last month this same area was hit with a devastating earthquake equaling the energy of 30 of the bombs dropped in Hiroshima that brought the end of  WWII in the Pacific. This typhoon was much, much worse.

I will do my best to keep those of you interested, posted. Thanks for all your emails and phone calls. They are appreciated.

Bob Morris

Entrance to MoCa Farm, Bgy. Castillo, Padre Garcia, Batangas, Philippines

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