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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tree Selection for Mesquite Nevada

Q. Can you suggest some trees that could be planted in the Mesquite, Nevada, area?

A. I am not trying to avoid your question about a recommended tree. However I do not like to recommend trees to homeowners because the selection of trees is not purely logical, it can be emotional as well. I do not know what trees you like or do not like and I do not know what is available to you.
Trees out of scale with the house. They shade the roof okay but we really want to shade the west and south facing walls where the insulation is not as thick and has a lower R value.
            Because trees can require a lot of water, tree selection can also have a huge impact on our natural resources. If you can come up with four or five trees that you like I can help you from that point.
            Try to base your selection on the size, whether you want deciduous or evergreen and whether it should flower. The size of the tree should be in scale with your house. If your house is single-story, it should be no more than 20 to 30 feet tall when it is mature.
            Big trees use more water than little trees. If your water bill concerns you or might concern you in the future, use smaller trees and use fewer trees. Trees in the desert should shade South and West facing walls or windows on those walls when possible.
            Woody plants are deceiving in their water use. They don't use much at first when they are small but when they get bigger their water use goes up proportionately. Just what that proportion is depends on the type of tree it is. There is no clear cut answer for that.
            If they are being used for shade it is best to select deciduous trees, trees that lose their leaves in the fall. If the trees are going into desert landscaping, it would be best to select desert trees. If the tree is going into a lawn area or an area that we consider to be high water use such as a sitting or patio area than you do not need to use desert trees. Make sure your trees are hardy in Mesquite to at least the mid teens in the winter. I hope this helps.

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