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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Still Afraid to Prune Your Lantana?

You may have either the purple lantana or the multi-colored lantana. Most of it died back during the winter. But where to cut? What if I cut it back too far. Will I kill it? Even in February you still have time.

This is lantana that has been cut back. Notice how the new growth (late January or early February just after a warm spell) is growing now. It is growing from "joints" along the stems we prefer to call "nodes". These are places which can have alot of plant tissue that can regrow after the plant has been damaged. In this case it is "damage" either by winter cold or by pruning. Cut lantana back close to the ground so that you leave at least  two "joints" left sticking up out of the ground.
Lantana is now starting to regrow from the base now in early February. It is not obvious. If you look closely at yours you will see some new growth emerging very close to the ground. The plant will "tell you" where to cut. Cut 1/4 to 3/8 inch above a node. If you are in a cold and windy part of town you will experience winter dieback of the plant closer to the ground so you will have to prune it with fewer "joints" left.

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