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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stinkbugs Attack Residence and Car in Henderson Nevada

Q. We have thousands of these beetles in our trees here in Henderson. Yesterday they collected on a neighbor’s car by the thousands.  They sprayed them off. These bugs left imprints on the finish of their car that were unremovable. What are these bugs and what do we tell our pest control companies to do?

Here stinkbugs become big nuisance for residents of Henderson, Nevada. Most stinkbugs cause plant damage. A few are actually beneficial.
A. These are a type of stinkbug. I am not an expert on stinkbugs but it is one of several types that can be found here. Most stinkbugs cause damage to plants or become a nuisance as yours have done.

Two more different types of stinkbugs reported by residents in Las Vegas. One for sure, the one above, was causing damage to a apricot leaves very early in the season.
            Stinkbugs come in green and brown colors and in many different forms. Familiar relatives to stinkbugs are the squash bug and leaffooted plant bug, both very bad pests in squash and melons as well as pomegranates, pistachios and almonds.
Squash bugs on the underside of a squash or melon leaf. They are a type of "stinkbug".
            There are a few stinkbugs that are good guys but not very many. In your case I think these are a nuisance but check your garden and landscape and see if they are feeding on important plants around your home.
Leaffooted plant bug on pomegranate, another type of "stinkbug".
            Soap and water sprays applied directly to them at dusk is a good control measure which is relatively nontoxic to other insects as long as it is directed at the stinkbugs. You can buy Safers insecticidal soap at any nursery or garden center and it will be safe for plants listed on the label. Commercial insecticidal soaps are safer to use on plants than making your own from dishwashing liquid.
            There are more toxic insecticides you can use as long as you don’t spray your fruits or vegetables with them. Be sure to read the labels of pesticides before buying and applying.

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