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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stinkbugs Come in Different Colors

Q. What is this bug? Have hundreds or them in my yard. Are they harmful to my plants (vegetable and flower). How do I get rid of them?

A. This bug is one of the stinkbugs. I was trying to figure out which one because a few types of stinkbugs are predators (good guys) such as soldier bugs but most are not. I think this is a bad guy.

Stinkbugs have mouth that is like a hypodermic needle that lies flat against their stomach. They move the mouthpart away from their body and can insert it into fruits, leaves, stems and other soft plant tissue and withdraw plant juices.

The good guys insert their hypodermic mouth into soft bodied insects and kill them by taking out their body juices. When they feed on plant parts the plant part gets damaged. In the case of fruits and nuts they can cause early fruit or nut drop. They can also cause dimples to form in fruit like apples and pears.

So unless you have a qualified entomologist like our state entomologist Jeff Knight in Carson City to see for sure otherwise watch them and inspect your trees to see if they are feeding there. You can get hold of Jeff Knight through the local Department of Agriculture office. In Las Vegas this office can be reached at 702-486-4690. Jeff will kill me but his email address is jknight@agri.nv.gov I would send him some pictures. Real identification can take a very long time.

Soap sprays and oils like Neem directed at them will kill them but will not leave much residue for future control. Otherwise you can use pyrethrin sprays or other sprays labeled for fruits and vegetables. They can be big pests if this is a bad one.

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