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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cold Damage is Different for Different Oleanders

Q. For the past couple of years my oleanders have suffered severe frost damage and slow to recover in the spring. They are all mature plants.  While I was trimming the dead leaves recently, I noticed that the oleanders with red flowers had less damage and were recovering more quickly than the others that have pink flowers.
Is this unique to my yard, or have you heard of this from other gardeners? I'm considering removing the ones with pink flowers because they look ratty for so long and not earning their keep.

A. The different colors of oleander represent different varieties. And yes, they have different tolerances to cold.
            If you are not having luck with one variety, take it out and replace it. The most cold tolerant seem to be the red ones and white ones. I am not saying not to plant other colors or varieties but if you want a sure thing with no cold damage stay with white or red types.
Cold damage to oleander.

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