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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Smokey Grey Color in Your Lawn Means Water

If you see that smokey, green or grey color in your lawn it is a good sign that the grass is not getting water in those spots. Check for blocked or broken sprinklers in that location.
Grey color in lawns is usually from wilting and it is the first stage before it turns brown. Catch it early and run an irrigation cycle to relieve the drought stress then discover the cause.

Grey green or smokey color in a lawn is due to lack of water reaching the leaf blades. The leaf blades fold or roll up, depending on the type of grass, and reflect light differently. Regardless, it is time to hit the irrigation button.
This is a closeup of that spot and if you could look at individual grass blades you would see that they are no longer open. They either rolled or folded (this is fescue so they rolled) depending on the type of grass. Get water on it immediately and fix the problem.
In the top picture this has been a problem for awhile because the spot has already started to turn brown and grass started to die due to drought. Either the spray head is blocked or plugged most likely.

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