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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Euryops Daisy Can Get Leggy and What to do About it

Q. I have a daisy bush that during winter lost all the lower greenery. Should I cut this way back to make the bush look full again, & when etc.  All help appreciated !
A. Looks like it is a Euryops daisy. Those are tough because they get leggy with lots of bare wood. It is best to not get it get leggy by cutting it back in late spring (February or March) and get it to grow from these cut ends. 

Remove about one-third of the growth. It will make a more rounded shrub that way with a tighter, more compact form and lots more flowers. You are growing a flowering shrub so don’t forget to fertilize it every six weeks through the growing season. 

You can also cut it back lightly as the flowers finish blossoming. You would do this by cutting off the spent flowers along with several inches of stem., It will produce two or three flowering stems at the point where each stem was cut.

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