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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Small Front Yard Tree Not Messy

Q. I want to plant a tree in my front yard where it gets southern exposure sun and space is approximately 9 feet from house where it will be planted.  I want something that does not get over approximately 20 ft. at maturity, does not drop fruit, seed pods or anything messy, and is drought tolerant.  I was considering a Western/Mexican redbud, Hawthorne, Raywood Ash.  What do you know of these trees?  Do you have any better recommendations based on my needs?

A. Here are a few notes on the trees you mentioned from Andrea Meckley:

Western Redbud - litter form leaves in the fall (plant is deciduous) and spring flowers  Multi-trunked so not a good shade tree.  15' wide x 13' high at maturity meets goals.

Hawthorn - I assume you refer to "Majestic Beauty' Hawthorn Patio tree-Evergreen with little leaf drop and April flowers that are not much of problem.  Prefers morning sun, not southern exposure.  Matures at 20'h x 8'w although I have not seen much larger than about 10' high in the Las Vegas area.

Raywood Ash - Leaf litter in late winter because tree is deciduous.  Matures at 30' h x 20' w.

Here are a couple of trees to look at with your requirements.  
With the information you gave, the Mulga Acacia (Acacia aneura) sounds like the one I would suggest.

Mulga Acacia - Evergreen with small spring flowers are not a big litter problem.  Matures at 20'h x 15'w.  Can be a shade tree with a ball head or lower branches kept on for more shade.  Hardy.   Considered 'bulletproof'  on the Southern Nevada Regional Coalition Plant List. 

Smoke Tree - Leaf debris (deciduous) in late fall.  Matures at 15' x 15'. Multi stemmed, so leave natural for more shade or prune for tree form.

From Andrea Meckley

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