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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Petunias Not Producing Flowers

Q. My husband planted some gorgeous petunias in early April.  At first they were all blooming and the planters were beautiful but now there isn't a single flower in either planters.  We noticed a tiny black insect on the plants and there were many holes in the leaves so my husband sprayed them with Sevin thinking that would do the trick.  All we have is two planters filled with very healthy green plants but no flowers. 

A. This is most likely tobacco budworm. I have attached a fact sheet on the pest. Tobacco budworm larva or worm puts holes in leaves and eats flower and leaf buds. The black drops you are seeing is probably budworm "poop" from eating the plant.
            Spray the plants with a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, Bt or Spinosad. Sevin will probably work but the problem with Sevin is that it is deadly to bees and when plants are in flower, bees are normally attracted to them. Spray plants in the evening or very early morning hours when bees are not active.

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