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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't Pick Pink Lady Apples Yet

Q. I have a Pink Lady apple tree that is very young with about 6 apples on it. They are green.  How do I know when to pick them?
Pink Lady apple in late November
A. The fruit will ripen all on their own. Wait until at least mid-November before picking them for best quality and highest sugar content.
Hopefully you thinned them to get good some size and kept watering them when needed so lack of water does not affect their size or development.
Pink lady Apple fruit stays green for a long time until it's ready to harvest. The brown spot on the green apple is due to a puncture wound

They can hang on the tree until about mid-December but by Dec 1 you should be thinking of harvesting them. Harvest earlier than this if you start to see bird damage.

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