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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How Do I Keep Grubs Out Of Rose Bushes

Q. How do I keep grubs out of my rose bushes soil? I have used Bayer advanced complete insect killer for soil and turf. Active ingredients are Imidacloprid 0.15%   B-Cyfluthrin 0.05%   and other ingredients  99.80%. I don’t like using poisons as there are plenty of birds here. However, my roses end up with no roots and miniature leaves and blossoms as they try to survive. I ran out of wood mulch and have been using pinecones from the golf course as a temporary mulch. Could this be the problem? I don’t want to pull up the roses and toss them. They have been beautiful in the springs and falls of past. Every pinecone I turned over had 2 or 3 grubs under it, on top. Imagine what is down in the soil. Last year just one rosebush had them. I dug out all the soil and replaced it. I have used this product twice this year and still have a zillion gross grubs. Please help!!!

A. Take a look at my blog, in particular this one posting

Look at the first comment by a reader regarding grub control.  I knew about these beneficial nematodes but this person is reporting a significant reduction in them over time.

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