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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Systemic Insecticide Questionable for Fruit Trees

Q. I have a mimosa silk tree that is covered in ants.  I assume they are herding aphids infesting the leaves.  I want to use a systemic ground-soak poison.  Star Nursery has a product to be used annually.  I will use it on my shade trees (eucalyptus, California Pepper, Texas Mountain Laurel, Chitalpa) if you say a systemic treatment is appropriate.
Can I also use it on my fruit trees (peach, nectarine, apricot, fig, Pink lady apple) and grape vines?  My pomegranate trees are not as infested with leaf footed hoppers as in the past, but they are there.  The kid at Star told me to just stop using the poison a few weeks before harvest, but that makes no sense to me, with an annual-use product.

I don't plan to use a systemic in my garden.

A. The product that was recommended to you was probably this one. Here is a posting on my blog regarding its use. I am never a big fan in using any kind of systemic pesticide where there are food crops. Hope this helps.

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