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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tanglefoot and Plant Damage

Q. I recently purchased the product Tanglefoot for ants around my pomegranate tree however after reading the directions, it states not to use it on fruit trees. Is it ok or should I get something else?
Tanglefoot used on Peach tree
A. Tanglefoot is a product that can be applied to the trunks of trees and vines. It is like a petroleum jelly or “grease” that stops insects from climbing the trunk with a sticky barrier they cannot cross.
We have used Tanglefoot on fruit trees with no problems. From the manufacturer, "Do not apply directly to young, thin-barked trees or to bearing fruit or nut trees."
Sometimes Tanglefoot applied to the trunk can cause the trunk to overheat if it is in the sun and scorch and girdle it. It can also prevent thin barked trees from "breathing" through the holes or lenticels in wood that has not yet formed bark.
It can be a problem for young thin barked fruit trees, mostly the stone fruits. Apply to older fruit trees per the label.

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  1. 1. Applying Tanglefoot to a pomegranate shrub will be a pain. ALL pathways need to be either covered or removed to keep the ants from passing.If a single trunk tree, then not a problem.
    2. What possible harm are ants doing to warrant spending your time?