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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parrys Agave Good Choice for Mojave Desert Landscapes

Parry’s Agave
Andrea Meckley, Certified Horticulturist
Description:  Evergreen succulent
Mature size: 2’x 2’
Flower:  with aged plants
Water use:  low
Exposure:  all day sun
Origin:  Arizona, New Mexico, and Northern Mexico
Parry's Agave
Hardy:  to 5 degrees F
Uses:  Landscape accent plant, potted plant

One of the many hardy agave species for our southwest landscapes and gardens is Parry’s agave (Agave parryii).  The grey green leaves grow slowly as a compact rosette.  Adding interest are patterns of indentations of previous leaves showing on the back of each new leaf.   In late spring to early summer old Parry’s agaves, 20 years or more, produce a twelve-foot stalk of blooms that can grow four inches a day. Hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers which begin as red or pink buds, opening to a bright yellow bouquet.  The plant dies after blooming but during its lifetime produces offsets assuring more plants will replace the original.   Planted in groups or alone this plant is attractive in the succulent garden, in pots, or in the landscape.

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