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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Readers Success with Sago palms and Saguaro in Las Vegas

After reading your column in the R-J for 10/25-26, specifically your response to a question about Sago palms, I thought I would share my Sago success with you. To summarize, the main plant in the 1st picture was started from a "pup' off of a neighbor's plant in La Verne, CA, in 1972.  

The 2nd pictured tree began as a "pup" from the 1st one.   I kept both trees in 5-gallon rolling redwood tubs with full exposure to afternoon sun.  When we moved to Tucson, AZ in 1994, the tubs went with us.  I then moved the trees out of the tubs and into the ground where their exposure was pretty much limited to the morning sun.  When we retired and decided to relocate to Las Vegas in early 1999, both trees were moved back into redwood boxes and made the relocation with us.  After substantial changes to our new backyard in Las Vegas were completed in early October 1999, I once again moved the trees into the ground.  For esthetic reasons, I have allowed both trees to keep "pups" of their own.  These trees have a main exposure to the south and receive direct sun all day.  

The 3rd picture is a view looking from the WSW and captures both trees.  I think they are both doing quite well.

Another plant we are quite proud of is the Saguaro cactus shown in the last photo.  This plant, which was in the ground at our new LV home in early 1999, was just under 2 ft tall.  During the course of our backyard remodel, this plant was moved 2 times before its present location while being very careful each time to maintain its "clock" orientation...lessons learned from our Sonoran desert experience.  The rear fence is 5-1/2 ft tall to give you a perspective of the trees's height today.  You will also notice the arms that have emerged...4 that you can see with 2 others on the far side.

I trust you will find this Sago success story interesting and enjoyable.


  1. Wow! Great story. When I used to do volunteer work at the botanical gardens in Phoenix, they said to give very little water or they would fall over or explode.
    how often do you water?

  2. How often do you water?