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Monday, December 29, 2014

Brown Ugly Space Alien in the Garden

Recently I found this brown space alien into one of our raised beds. This is the pupa, or resting phase, of the tomato hornworm. This is the stage of development between the worm or larva and the adult hummingbird or sphinx moth. This insect is a voracious feeder of all garden plants but particularly tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and even grapes!

This insect will overwinter in this stage and emerge again in the spring as the adult hummingbird moth. It will find a mate by flying at dusk and lay eggs on plants that it likes to eat. The eggs will hatch into a miniature hornworm and voraciously grow into the much larger version.
Hummingbird or Sphinx moth
Right now you can dispose of them. But later in the spring after planting you will want to protect your plants with either Bt or Spinosad.
Bt can be found under the names of Dipel or Thuricide as well.
One of the names for Spinosad. Check the ingredients

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