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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Euonymus Plants Have White Spots and Dying

Q.My euonymus plants are dying. These are all plants that have been in the ground 8-10 years. Now, they are getting a white spot on their leaves and shortly afterwards the plants die. The plants in my backyard did this last year, and now plants in the front have the same symptoms. Some people said they needed more water. That didn't do anything for the white spot. I tried cutting off the spotted leaves. That might help, but I am not sure. Is there anything I can spray or dust the plants with to stop the fungus?

Powdery mildew and leaf death. Powdery mildew is deeper inside the canopy were it is shady.
A. I am not sure what you mean by a white spot, whether this white spot can be rubbed off or whether it is permanent. These plants do get powdery mildew which looks like leaves have been dusted with white flour in some locations.This disease occurs on plants in shady locations.

If it is powdery mildew it usually means they are not getting enough sun or the canopy of the plant is not open enough for air movement. Powdery mildew, unlike other fungal diseases, requires very little humidity to become a problem. It is spread by splashing water from overhead irrigation hitting the leaves and splashing on others carrying the disease to these leaves and so it spreads.
You can buy a dust or spray to control powdery mildew but that just circumvents the problem and it will come back. The long term way to control it is to get more sun on the plants (move or prune them to open the canopy up), improve their health with fertilizers and appropriate watering. If the plant is under watered the canopy will be very open and I doubt you would have powdery mildew unless it is in shade or partial shade.
A white spot can also mean scorching of the leaves due to direct intense sunlight. This type of damage cannot be rubbed off with your fingers. It is permanent damage to the leaf. If this is the case then the plant may be in the wrong spot (intense sunlight or lots of reflected heat and/or light from windows and a west or southwest exposure and planted in rock.
 If this is the case then you need to move it away from this intense location into one that is more cooling with less intense sunlight. This is not a desert plant and cannot handle this kind of exposure. It does not like rock mulch very much so put it in organic mulch on the soil surface.
If it has only one drip emitter, put two or three depending on its size. If you are watering every day then water deeply every other day or every third day now. Make sure you fertilize this plant in the spring with a good tree shrub fertilizer.

If you want to move this plant, you can move it to a new location in October, moving as much of the soil with it as possible, and mulch it. Predig the hole and move it and plant it in less than 30 seconds once the roots are exposed.
Euonymus does much better with a wood surface mulch.Neem oil is a pretty good organic control for powdery mildew.

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