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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Climate and Soil Change the Quality of Fruit

Q. Last week I heard about a variety of apple called the Pink Pearl, not Pink Lady.  Will Pink Pearl apple trees survive the Las Vegas growing season?  Do you know where I can get a sapling?

A. I have heard of Pink Pearl apple but I don't how it will perform here. Nearly any apple tree will grow in our climate but it’s really a question of how good the fruit will be. It originated in Humboldt County, Northern California, and it ripens sometime in late August or September. In Las Vegas it might ripen a couple of weeks earlier than that.
Pink lady Apple fully ripe in mid to late November in Las Vegas

The eating quality of a specific variety of fruit is affected by the climate where it is grown, the soils and how it is managed. Pink Pearl has a good reputation in northern California but its quality is unknown in our hot desert climate. I would hate to see you wait four or five years only to find out the fruit is not good quality.

I am confident it will set fruit for you provided it gets pollinated. In its place, I would advise you to select an apple that ripens very early in the summer or in the fall months and avoid apples that ripen during the hot summer months. My experience with apples that ripen in July through August here has not been promising. 

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  1. I am entering this post for Tom Spellman at Dave Wilson Nursery since he sent it to me in a private email. This goes for others as well. If you have a product that satisfies a specific question on any of my posts, please comment. All comments are filtered by me and not posted if I feel that they do not contribute to the questions asked. Feel free to comment here, Tom!

    Hey Bob, the person looking for a source for the Pink Pearl Apple can go to the dave Wilson site. www.davewilson.com - access the backyard grower section. Go to retail sources or where to buy our trees. Click on Apple. Click on Pink Pearl. A list of all of our customers who carry Pink Pearl will come up. Probably best if the locate a mail order source who can ship right to their door.

    Not sure how Pink Pearl will preform in L.V. As you know color is developed with cool summer night temps. Your not going to get that in your area.

    Best, Tom