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Monday, January 12, 2015

I Am Looking for Fruit Trees to Prune

I want to try something different this year.

In previous years I conducted fruit tree pruning workshops at a university facility. This year I would like to try something different. If there are homeowners who would like to cooperate in a community fruit tree pruning workshop in their home landscape, I would be interested in pursuing it during the month of January. We can talk about large fruit trees but I am not prepared to climb them for demonstration purposes.

Interested parties can contact me at Extremehort@aol.com and we can exchange phone numbers.

  • Fruit trees should be between newly planted up to 5 or maybe even 7 years old.
  • Home landscapes should be open to the invited public.
  • Permission to prune fruit trees and use them for demonstration purposes.

1 comment:

  1. I might be ready for this next year. As of now I haven't got my trees in the ground. HOA approval took too long. May have to wait for next year's bare root season.