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Monday, January 12, 2015

Time of the Year for Holes to Appear in Trees

Q. I noticed that the woodpeckers have attacked our Palo verde tree. There are probably 60 holes around the truck and main limbs. The sap is running even though the holes are just under the surface - not deep. Any advice how to prevent further damage and do you think this can eventually kill the tree.

A. The only thing is exclusion and putting up some wire mesh to keep them from the trunk. They will still get into the lower limbs since it is hard to put wire mesh there.

Sapsucker damage to apple (above) and eucalyptus, aka gum (below).
I have seen our fruit trees attacked, the same ones, year after year and the trees still seem to be doing well. I know it causes damage but it seems to be not life threatening so I would let it go.

You could try some hot pepper sprays just before they begin damaging plants. Mark the event on your calendar. They are migratory so putting on some sprays might discourage them and force them on to your neighbor’s trees.

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