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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Video Help Pruning Peach to Keep it Small

Q. I wonder if you can tell us how to prune our Elberta peach tree. We planted it in the spring and had one beautiful peach to enjoy. We are in our mid-70's and do not do ladders unless we have to and it is getting over 6' now and is supposed to be a semi dwarf.

A. You may begin to lower the heights of peach trees at the first sign of leaf drop and possibly sooner. The cuts that you should make to lower the height should be thinning cuts and not heading cuts. To see the difference visit my video on how to make heading cuts and thinning cuts and what the difference is.

Some of my videos on pruning peach tree

 On the peach tree, go to my YouTube videos on pruning fruit trees. I think that might help you. They can be found at

Those videos on pruning focus on size control so you don't need a ladder.
Controlling the size of fruit trees by pruning

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