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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Call for Gardeners, Not Blow N' Goers

Q. I am so hoping you will be able to help me:-))  I need an actual gardener and landscape company... we planted a wonderful organic garden that cost a fortune to have done, results have been minimal. I need someone to maintain and help us. We would like to hire someone with actual knowledge about yard care, not just someone who comes with a leaf blower and a pair of shears:-)) We just discovered we have wood bores!!!  Any recommendations you would have, would be so appreciated.

A. I wish I could direct you to a solid landscape company. Most people are price driven in their selections and so our valley is dominated by blow-and-go companies, not professional gardeners.

I was hired in the past to work with local companies to do that but for a variety of reasons this arrangement has failed to gain a foothold. I have also worked with a couple of “landscape consultants” who claim to do this and, to be quite frank, I was very disappointed in their level of knowledge and do not have a lot of faith in their abilities.

We used to have a couple of very good “gardeners” in town in past years but they are no longer with us (deceased) and no one has replaced them.

If you find something I would certainly like to know about it.

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