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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Clark County Code 30.64.030 Restricting Hardscape to 60%

Q. If Clark County Code 30.64.030 restricts hardscape to 60 % which includes paved areas, pavers, rocks, stones, etc where does xeriscape fit into this issue, please?

A. It is my understanding that hardscape does not include mulches (rock mulch used for desert landscaping). These are not permanent features of a landscape such as drives, sidewalks, decking. etc. 

I think the point that concerns the government is that they do not want someone coming in and paving the entire landscape to save water, reduce maintenance, etc. 

Hardscapes increase surface runoff to storm sewer systems and add pressure to waste water treatment facilities and a number of other issues. However, I was not a part of this discussion and really not qualified to address it. Perhaps someone who is closer to the government issues and county codes can address this better than I can.

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