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Monday, July 6, 2015

Consider Fruity Germander Groundcover for Increasing Pollination and Fruit Set

Teucrium majoricum groundcover
Q. My friend has a ground cover that I asked her about.  She doesn't know what it is but we both would like to get some more plants.  Attached is a photo of the plant after blooming.

Response from Andrea Meckley:

A. It's Teucrium majoricum.  I haven't seen it available locally lately.  Try special order from local nursery or on-line.  I have one I bought many years ago at the Community College nursery on Charleston.

Hope this helps,

Andrea Meckley, CH
Certified Horticulturist
American Society for Horticultural Science

Email: Imn2plants@aol.com

This plant may also be called Teucrium cossonii, commonly called Mediterranean carpet, Fruity Teucrium, Fruity Germander. Mounding groundcover in the mint family so expect it to be aromatic and attract bees when in bloom during spring and fall. Winter hardy to 10F with low water needs. Consider planting near fruit trees and garden areas to increase pollination and fruit set.

Propagate from seed or burying stems in moist soil during spring and fall months and separate from the mother plant after rooting (you will see growth from the buried stems).

Learn about Teucrium majoricum

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