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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Get Alerts When Something New Is Posted

Q. How do I find out if you have posted something new on your blog?

A.  Some people want to know when there is something new posted on my blog. There are two ways to get notices about new posts; sign up for my newsletter or subscribe to posts and comments.

Sign up For My Weekly Newsletter.  I receive somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 visitors to my blog every month. I have a weekly "newsletter" sent to about 1500 email addresses each week. This "newsletter" tells people the titles of new posts that were made during the week. You can look at the titles and see if you want to get the answers. The newsletter is sent out through Mail Chimp

This is how to subscribe to my "newsletter". Type in your email address in the box with the arrow pointing at it and left click on "Subscribe". You will be taken to Mail Chimp and you can subscribe. I NEVER share email addresses.

You can sign up for my weekly newsletter by typing your email address where the arrow is pointing.
Sign up for Posts or Comments or Both. You can get my posts on my blog as soon as I post them by signing up for posts. People can make comments to posts. In fact, I encourage it. The purpose of this blog is to share information. 

The only way to sign up for posts or comments is if you get the app for NetVibes, My Yahoo, or have an Atom processor (cell phone).

Comments to posts are screened by me but the only time I don't allow them is when they are strictly advertising and there's no educational content. You have a company or represent one? Go ahead and post a comment and I will approve it if it adds to the body of knowledge here.

Here is how to get alerts that a post or comment has been made on my blog. You will get alerts whenever a post is made or comment to a post. Here is how to sign up for posts or comments.If you want to receive an alert when a post is made, type in your email address where the arrow (1) is pointing. If you want to receive alerts when comments are made to a post, enter your email address where the arrow (2) is pointing.Follow the directions after you enter your email address.

You can sign up for my posts on the blog or comments to a post if you subscribe. You must download or have an app for Netvibes, My Yahoo or an Atom processor on your cell phone.

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