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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How to Submit a Question

There are two ways to submit a question to be answered on this blog. Remember, pictures are extremely helpful when submitting questions. Close-ups of the problem are great and necessary but include a second picture further away so I can see the landscape environment.

Send Me an Email. The first way to send a question is to send me an email directly at Xtremehorticulture@gmail.com

Use My Blog to Send a Question. Another way is to send it on a new link I just put on the blog.

1. You don't have to type your name where the first arrow is but I do like to personalize my answers. I never used names if I publish a post.

2. Your email address at number two will be required because you will get a response from me. If your question is unique, it will most likely get posted on my blog unless you tell me not to.

3. Where the third arrow is please ask your question with as much detail as you can provide. I get readers from all over the world so tell me where the picture is from. This helps me to answer the question. My focus is desert horticulture but I will take a stab at it if it's not.

Fill in the boxes with your name (1), email address (2) and your question (3). Mention where your question is from so I can figure in your climate in the answer. That makes a huge difference. Pictures help!

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