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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Did My Desert Marigolds Die?

Why Did My Desert Marigolds Die?: Q. I have several Desert Marigolds in a sunny area of my yard. They are on a drip emitters, 2 gph, set to run every other day for 10 minu...

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  1. Oh my! I wonder when the last time was it rained for 10 minutes every other day, long-term, anywhere in the southwest where desert marigold grows wild. Or even every other week? I hope nobody advised them this...they should be out of business.

  2. Change your emitter to 1/2 gph. And make sure you have super good drainage. I have a wild desert marigold with no emitter and it is doing well. I have another I planted on 1.2 gph emitter but it is on a slope with excellent drainage and it is also doing well, maybe too well.