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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trees for Privacy and Hummingbirds

Q. Putting landscape in backyard of new home in a couple of weeks what type of trees do you suggest that will give me privacy and not shed all leaves in the fall also trees and shrubs that attract hummingbirds.

I am not fond of making tree recommendations so I am ccing this to Andrea who loves to do that kind of thing. Good luck!
Bob Morris

A. I am Andrea Meckley, a certified horticulturist working her in the Las Vegas Valley in the green industry since 1992.   Attached is a Hummingbird Plant list.  Also is attached the middle pages of a publication called Trees for Tomorrow.  

Without knowing more details on the tree you want, I suggest you check it out.  I could not scan the whole list of large trees so if you need that info go to www.lasvegasnevada.gov/files/trees.pdf  That website address will also give you pics and more info on each tree.  

I assume you want a small to medium size tree.  Since you want a tree with leaves all year, start with trees labeled 'evergreen' in the 'tree type' column.  Narrow the choices depending on flowers (some debris), water use, thorns, etc. according to chart.  Also visiting demonstration gardens is a good reference tool to use in choosing plants.  We have the Springs Preserve and Master Gardner Demonstration gardens in Las Vegas and Acacia Park in Henderson.


  1. How can we view the hummingbird plant list, please?

    1. Sorry for the delay in posting this list. It is now on the blog post.