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Friday, October 9, 2015

Control Root-Eating Grubs Organically and Conventionally

Q. I found grubs in the dirt with my plants. I put some Triazicide around the plants. Will this help?

A. Triazicide is a conventional insecticide, found at any nursery or garden center, which is very effective at killing grubs. The major advantage of conventional insecticides like this one is the residue or residual left behind after the application. For those preferring organic methods, this is also a major drawback.
            There are organic alternatives to grub control which are very effective. These include pyrethrum applied as a soil drench for an immediate kill, milky spore bacterium and beneficial nematodes. Milky spore bacterium and beneficial nematodes also give you long-term plant protection from grubs.
            In your case, you need something to kill the grubs. Once you kill the grubs, it may be no longer necessary for a product like Triazicide to hang around in the soil.
            A residual product like Triazicide becomes important when protecting valuable plants from an infestation which may be imminent. In cases such as these, mark the calendar when the insect threat might occur and apply this type of product two weeks to a month before this date.
            I would not use this product around food crops but lawns and ornamentals are more suitable. But always read and understand the methods of application stated on the label.
            Triazicide comes in several different formulations (liquid concentrate, granules, ready to use liquid, etc.) and each formulation is applied a little bit differently. Basically the poison is applied to the soil surface and water is used to wash this poison to where the grubs are actively feeding. Applying too much water can move the product beyond the area where it is needed.
            Manufacturers want you to be successful with their products so you will use them again and recommend them to others. They try to provide the best information possible so that you are successful.
            Be cautious around your outside pets like dogs and cats since any insecticide, organic or
conventional, moves easily from the soil surface, through the pads of their feet and into their body. I would not let them walk in the area until the surface where it was applied is totally dry.


  1. Hi Bob, I have been looking for that Milky Spore product but can't seem to find it anywhere in Las Vegas. Do you know of a local supplier? I did find it on-line, but it doesn't make sense to me to pay shipping for a 20lbs bag. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks...Joe

    1. Joe, I googled milky spore and Lowes and it says they carry it in 20lb bags for 40 USD plus tax.

  2. At least now you can't ship or order it from Lowe's. Do you know of any other source?

    1. Nematode grub control try Peaceful Valley aka Grow Organic http://www.groworganic.com/nemaglobe-grub-buster.html
      For Milky Spore same company http://www.groworganic.com/milky-spore-disease-10-oz.html
      I like this company a lot.