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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Backyard Wildlife in Las Vegas

Here are some pictures sent to me by readers of some wildlife they saw in their backyards recently. Remember the fires that occurred in the Mount Charleston area a while back. Water is a great way to attract all types of wildlife into your yard.
Bird at birdbath identified as Cooper's Hawk
One of the readers reported to me that she saw this Cooper's Hawk take out two pigeons.

Wikipedia on Cooper's Hawk
Wikipedia on great horned owl
Bird at birdbath identified as horned owl

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  1. A few month ago I wrote to You about a funny looking at my Sweet Acacia Tree! B U T I am writing you NOT about that.

    Here is a photo of a KESTREL FALCON, there was a pair in the spring in my neighbors Pine Tree, and opposite a nest in a palm tree their 2 Baby Kestrels. They lived here until they were able to live on their own.

    I had send you also photos of a COOPERS HAWK, I seen in my backyard!

    When I picked up the newspaper at 8:10AM today, I heard a bird calling. AND it was this little Kestrel, I run and got the camera and I got quite few nice photos of it, as you can see. AND than I looked up at the Pine tree and saw something moving. BUT it was not the other Kestrel, IT WAS the HAWK.

    This Birds are so beautiful, I thought You might enjoy to see them. Now I am worried, that the Kestrels maybe want to breed here again, But with that Hawk around, I do not know.