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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Can I Transplant a 10-year-old Palm Tree?

Q. We have a palm tree, perhaps a Mexican fan palm, that was planted close to a wall and I have to move it because the wall is damaged. I'm guessing the palm was planted 10-15 years ago. Can the palm be transplanted or is it a loss?

A. You have two problems with that palm; it is too close to a wall which makes moving it very difficult and it requires a crane if you want it moved. Moving it will be very expensive and it will not be worth, monetarily, transplanting it to a new hole. If you decide to move it anyway then you would move it during the warm spring months or even summer but avoid moving it during fall and winter.

Wall cracking because of roots lifting the wall. This is typically not the case with Palm trees but the trunks of some palm trees can be a problem.

            Palm trees are full of water and fan palms can run from 200 to 500 pounds for every foot of trunk depending on the diameter of the trunk. Palm trees with larger diameter trunks can weigh 1000 pounds or more per foot. This does not include the weight of the root ball.
            Cut your losses and have it removed. Unfortunately palms do not burn very well and are not used for firewood since it produces little heat when burned and burn quickly when dried. The wood does not compost very well either.

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