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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Curled Leaves on Pomegranate

Q. Our pomegranate tree has been planted for 5 years. We've had some fruit the past 2 years.  Lots more this year. I just spotted one already split with critters on it. The leaves look shriveled. Gave it fruit tree fertilizer and an extra watering. Any other suggestions would really be appreciated.

A. I looked at the pictures you sent to me and your pomegranate does not seem to be very full. The reasons they tree may not have filled out is because of the shade or not enough light during the day, not getting enough water or not fertilizing at the beginning of the growing year.
            Don’t worry about the curled leaves. This can be fairly common on pomegranate.
            They like to be deep watered just like any other landscape tree or shrub or fruit tree and watered about as often as well. If you want good production, don't treat them like a cactus. So in short, fertilize the tree in late January or February and start weekly irrigations the first week of
            I would construct the basin around the tree about 3 feet in diameter and 3 to 4 inches deep and fill the basin each time you irrigate. If you are to use drip irrigation, and they will perform good on drip irrigation if they're getting enough water, then make sure you have about four emitters and you run them long enough to deliver the water they need.
            The critters you see are leaf footed plant bugs and normally soap and water sprays would be enough to knock them back but you'll have to apply it weekly to the undersides of the leaves and all over the foliage.

            Pyrethrins sprays will also work on them. And if you are hard-core, the insecticide is Sevin will kill him but don't spray when the plant is in flower and spray very early in the morning or at dusk when bees are not present. I hope this helps.

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