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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Special Fruit Tree Orders No Longer Available

Q. In the past you took special orders for bare-root fruit trees. I am looking for a fig tree. Will you be repeating the offer this year?  If so, when will the information be posted in your Saturday newspaper article?

A. I am sorry I no longer provide that service to the local community since I left the University. However, nearly any type of fig will grow in this climate and many can be purchased locally or online.
Kadota fig
            The most common figs selected and have a history of doing well here include Kadota in the category of yellow or white figs, Black Mission and Brown Turkey in the category of dark figs. The white or yellow figs have a mild flavor while the dark figs are typically stronger in flavor.
Black Mission fig
            Keep in mind that several of our birds love figs and you will be in competition with them when they are ready for harvest. Figs can only be harvested when they are soft and ready to be eaten. They cannot be picked early, like peaches or apricots, and the fruit allowed to mature off of the tree.
The darker figs generally get larger than the yellow figs
            The nice thing about fig trees is that they can be pruned heavily and still return a good crop the following year. The biggest mistake people make with figs is not giving them enough water or not watering them frequently enough. Water them just like any fruit tree.
            This lack of water results in fruit that does not mature, stays small and hard and is inedible. If this lack of water occurs early in the development of the fruit, it will drop from the tree.

I do understand that the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is providing fruit trees for the local community. I am not involved in this program so I will not guarantee what is available meets my criteria for local production.I would strongly suggest that you visit the list I published a couple of years ago on this blog. Or send an email to me and I will forward the publication to you.

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