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Friday, January 1, 2016

Desert Horticulture Meetup Group Has Been Organized for Jan 23

I started a new Meetup Group on desert horticulture. The first meeting will be on January 23. The focus is on successful horticulture for fun, pleasure and profit in the desert. Get in on the ground floor because the direction of this group will depend on the members.

Find out more about the Desert Horticulture Meetup Group

In the first meetup we will have introductions and I will give a brief presentation about our desert environment and the problems this environment presents to us in horticulture. At the conclusion we will discuss our future plans as a Desert Horticulture meetup group.

Who: Anyone
What: Growing plants in the desert for fun, pleasure or profit
When: 9 AM, Saturday, January 23, 2016
Where: Viragrow meeting room, 1100 East Delhi St, North Las Vegas, Nevada

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