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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Prune Rosemary Now If It's a Bush

Q.  When is the best time to prune a rosemary bush? Our rosemary bush has grown too large.  I would like to reduce it to about one-half of its current size. Also any suggestions about how I should prune it would be greatly appreciated.

A. If you are pruning it once a year, now is a good time. If you are pruning it as a hedge or you have to keep it under some sort of size control, then prune it once a month. If you are pruning it to use it for herbs, cut it back now, let it regrow and harvest the new, succulent growth before it flowers.

You have a few alternatives. One method cut it to the ground and let it regrow from one or 2 inch long stems. Prune it now or just before new growth begins.

Another method requires more care.Trace the longest branch of the shrub inside the plant and remove it where it joins a main branch. Leave no stub. Select two or three other long ones to the inside and make the same kind of cuts. Do this every couple of years when it starts to get too large.

Your third alternative is to replace the plant with something that doesn't get so large. 

After pruning, fertilize it as you would normally to encourage new growth. One fertilizer application a year is all that is needed unless you are growing it as an herb that requires frequent harvesting. If you are harvesting frequently, fertilize lightly every 6 to 8 weeks with a balanced fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorus. Or apply your favorite compost to the base of the plant and you'll get more spectacular results.

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