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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pruning Miniature Peach Is a Little Different. I can help.

Q. Do you know of any person, to be paid, who will come to my home and prune two dwarf peach trees? I am 84 (widow) and really don't know how to prune these trees. I have tried for 5 years now and  know what I  do  is wrong; I need help. I have asked our landscapers (live in a condominium association) and they don't have any one in mind.

Please, do you have any suggestions as to where and how I might obtain help?

Miniature peach requiring pruning
A. I can help you with that but you must agree to learn how to do it. I do not do it as a landscaper or a service company but I will help you learn how to do it for yourself. 

If these are miniature peaches, they do require a different way of pruning than peaches that are kept small through pruning. First, we make sure branches on the lower part of the trunk will not touch the ground when they are loaded with fruit. We will focus on thinning out some of the branches so that there is better light penetration inside the canopy. Lastly, we will thin out the new growth so that there is fewer of them. You will be required to thin the fruit in March so that the remaining fruit becomes larger and higher-quality. If you need me to show you how, I can do that as well when that time comes.

Pruning of peach should be done before February 1 in our climate. If you are interested, I'll be happy to show you how. It will be within your budget. You should have an appropriate pruning shears and a small loppers. I will bring mine but you should have your own. If you don't have tools or the appropriate ones, let me know and I will bring good ones for you that are reasonably priced and you can reimburse me.

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