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Monday, January 18, 2016

Rosemary Not Flowering

Q. I have an upright rosemary about four feet tall. It was sheared once on the top and the sides. It has never bloomed. Is there such a variety that never blooms or am I doing something wrong with this plant?

A. I have never heard of one not blooming. Most reasons plants do not bloom are planting them into low light levels (shade) or shearing them just prior to bloom. Normal bloom periods are spring and fall but in warm areas they might bloom all season long.
Rosemary is a prolific bloomer in the spring and fall if it receives enough light

Pruned during the summer months if you want the blooms. Pruning in the spring or fall cuts off the flowers. Make sure it receives plenty of sun and do not plant in the shade. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers but use fertilizers recommended for other flowering plants such as roses.

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