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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Oleanders as Small Trees

 I read with interest your article in the Review Journal regarding turning Oleanders from bushes, into trees.

I have been attempting to do this with my Oleanders for the last year or two and they appear to be doing quite well. I am glad that I have been doing most of the things that you recommended in your article.

I have attached a couple of photos and hoped you would give me your opinion of whether they will continue to do well, or if I should be doing more to them.

The photographs were taken in February when it was still rather cool, but now they are starting to bloom.

Thank you for all the help you give us amateurs with our plants, trees and gardens etc. I’m sure we all appreciate it, Mr. Morris.

Great job, Bill. The only thing I would recommend is to try and get the canopy to occupy about 2/3 of the tree and the trunks 1/3. It is more pleasing to look at. It might be a bit difficult to do that with your limited space but they look nice and make a nice small tree with flowers and is evergreen.

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