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Monday, April 4, 2016

Providence Community Garden Moves and Has Space Available

Do you know what a community garden is? A community garden is a plot of land set aside so that community members can garden together. Typically smaller areas or raised beds in this plot of land are "rented" to members of the community. Here they share their wisdom, their successes and their failures with each other. In my experience with community gardens about 40 % of the motivation is about gardening and a 60% is social and sharing.
Providence Community Garden
Providence Community Garden
Providence Community Garden

A very successful community garden in Las Vegas is the Providence Community Garden located near Jones and Oakey. They moved recently from the Jones and Decatur location. They have several raised beds available for local gardeners. Master Gardeners from the local Cooperative Extension are assisting in this project.

No previous gardening experience is required. You would learn a lot regarding their from people who have been gardening in our hot desert climate for decades. For more information contact one of their group at staheli51@gmail.com or bannock@cox.net. 

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